Basis of Research

How Sound Works

The hierarchy of vibration


In the body you could think of it this way:


• Organs/body parts = timbres (COMbination of frequencies)

• the relationship between organs = musical intervals

• The flow through a system in the body = musical flow


1. Frequencies

Coherent Frequencies – Cells and Organs Vibrating at Stable Frequencies
There are types of frequency vibrations: Chaotic and Coherent.  Chaotic vibrations can be created by physical toxins in our food and air, physical trauma, chaotic electromagnetism, and pain itself, to name a few.  Chaotic vibrations can also be created by emotional toxins like fear, anger, anxiety, and stress, to name a few.  Chaotic vibrations break the body down.  They are not good for your heart, your nervous system, your organs, or any part of the body.  On the other hand, Consistent and Coherent Vibrations not only don’t break the body down; they can actually heal the body.

When the body is healthy
every single part of the body is naturally “humming” consistently.

You can either break up wayward frequencies with “destructive resonance” or resonate them back into their natural harmonic state.

Destructive resonance works by finding the natural resonant frequency of something, then turn the volume up until it explodes or disintegrates.  This is exactly how ultrasound works on kidney stones and gallstones.  They find the frequency of the stones and turn the volume up until it explodes – somewhat similar to exploding a wine glass.  There is great YouTube video that shows and explains the science behind how this works in detail.

Anthony Holland has also done research to find the resonant frequency of cancer.  In a Ted Talk he shows videos of 4 different types of cancer being exploded with frequencies – another example of “destructive resonance.”  Here’s the link to the YouTube video:

We can resonate parts of the body back into their natural harmonic state using and consistent vibration. All of the vowels create Coherent Vibrations.  Also, all of the common Sound Healing instruments also create Consistent Tones – including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoos, etc.

More importantly, every single part of the body is also “humming” at its own natural frequency when it is healthy (down to every cell).  No higher, no lower.  With tone generators and other electronics you can get very specific in order to entrain a part of the body into its natural healthy frequency.

The key is to find the frequency of every part of the body in order to be able to entrain it into its own healthy state.  This is why we created the GeneOM project (   The goal of the project is to find the natural healthy frequency of every single part of the body in order to resonate it back into its own healthy state of consistent vibration.

2. timbres

Combinations of frequencies (or cells) that make up an organ or body part.   Currently we are using two methods to work with timbres:  Natural Resonance and Destructive Resonance.
Natural Resonance – Find all of the frequencies that make up a healthy part of the body and play all of the frequencies in the correct volume and phase relationship to the part of the body.  The first step is to determine the best device to find the full harmonic structure of an organ, etc. John Stuart Reid has a device that does just this.
Destructive Resonance – Find all of the frequencies that make up a disease.  Play all of the frequencies to it to destroy it.  The assumption (to be proven) is that by mapping the full harmonic structure of a part of a disease, it will more precisely destroy it. 

3. Musical intervals

Harmonic Relationships between 2 or more Body Parts
In the body, it is the relationship between parts of a system.  Again, everything is vibration, so any two parts of the body create a musical interval relationship.  It might be the relationship between the overall frequency of the heart and the liver.  It might be the relationship between the 210 types of cells in the body.  It might be the relationship between the different parts of the brain.  When you have harmonious relationships in the body, the energy flows more smoothly through the whole system.

Since some of the natural frequencies of the body might be different from person to person the GeneOM project is more importantly, looking at harmony between the parts of the body.  Every part of the body has its own frequency or “home note” that is vibrates at.  Therefore, the relationship between the parts is a specific musical interval.  For example, we assume that the musical interval relationship between the heart and the liver will be the same from person to person when both people are healthy.   We assume that there are specific musical interval relationships between each of the 210 types of cells.  The only thing that we know for sure about the body is that is in working in complete harmony when a person is healthy.  Even when someone is not healthy most of the body is still working in harmony or the person would be dead.

As we collect data we will display a body on our website that will show the musical relationships of all the parts of any system in the body.  These musical intervals may then be played back to resonate the parts of the body back into their natural harmony.

4. musical flow

Smooth Musical Flow through systems in the body
Smooth flow can be looked at from physical or energetic perspectives.

If you don’t have smooth flow in the nervous system, you will be shaky.  If you don’t have smooth flow in the circulatory system, you could have a heart attack.  No smooth flow in the digestive system and all types of problems happen.  Without smooth flow in the brain you cannot focus. There are many things that can cause blockages in any system.  Often it is physical or emotional toxins.

The key is then to resonate the system back into smooth flow.  “Smooth Flow” is the whole deal.

Smooth Flow creates at Peaceful State of Being.  When our system is at Peace the immune system flourishes and every organ goes into alignment.

Therefore, the function of breaking up chaotic frequencies and resonating any single part of the body into coherence, is so that it can now receive and transmit flow through the whole system.

The function of resonating harmonic relationships between parts of the body is so that the natural healing smooth flow of health may resume in the body.


Natural healthy resonance

Find the natural resonant frequency of health fo the part of the body before the issue existed — and vibrate it back into its natural healthy state. 
Once the part of the body is at its natural healthy vibration again, it then receives and transmits the flow of energy of energy (music) through the system
that it is a part of.  

It is about going from a chaotic vibration to a coherent vibration.



Find the frequencies of the disease.  Play that frequency to it and turn the volume up to explode it.
Same technique used in Ultrasound — Find the frequency of the kidney stones and turn the volume up to shatter them.



Similar to Vitamin Therapy.  Every frequency is a nutrient.  Find what frequencies are missing in the system and get them back into the body to create 
a balance where energy flows through the system again.

There are a variety of systems that focus on similar concepts including Voice Analysis and Nutri-Energetics.


Finding natural healthy flow

Once we know the frequency and timbre of each part of the body we only need to know the tempo of the rhythm
in which the energy (electricity, blood, etc) flows through the particular system.

We can then use electrodes to pulse the particular melody and rhythm through that system in the body 
exactly as it did before the issue arose.

Activating vs. calming

Some issues or diseases may need more activation versus calming sounds. 

Activating sounds are created by a dissonant chord in the harmonics of the sound.  These include gongs, Tibetan bowls, bagpipes, and reed instruments.  These sounds are good for breaking up blockages in a system.  They are also good for energizing.  Activating sounds can be dangerous for those who are quite fragile, including those who:
  • Have been having panic attacks
  • Have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue
  • Are sensitive individuals
  • Are right out of surgery
Calming sounds are created by a harmonious chord in the harmonics of the sound.  Calming sounds include the harp and instruments made of wood.  These sounds are not good for depression.  They are very good for:

  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety


We will be working on physical, mental and emotional issues.  These may also overlap.



  • Cancer – Find the frequencies and timbres of cancer to explode cells with destructive resonance
  • Pain Management – Find the resonant frequencies/timbres of nerves, bones and muscles in order to resonate them into harmony.
  • Heart Disease – Frequencies/timbres that resonate the heart into harmony. How flow of electricity in the nervous system and smooth flow of blood in the circulatory system contribute to heart disease. How the emotion of love resonated with sound can help to heal the heart.
  • Brain Injuries – Find the frequency of each part of the brain before it was injured. Find the rhythm that thoughts would naturally flow across the particular brain. Use electrodes to pulse the melody and rhythm of the previously healthy brain, across the injured brains.



  • Brain Health – Tuning brainwave entrainment to the natural rhythm of the brain for sleep, creativity, learning and sports. Create brain maps for different states of consciousness and use brainwave entrainment to recreate these maps with an individual to access these states.
  • ADD/ADHD – Tuning Beta Brainwave rhythms to the brain to entrain into focus.
  • Autism – Tuning the brain to a stable consistent vibration.



  • Depression – Music that slowly transitions from depression to a coherent activated state.
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Calming sounds and music.
  • Fear – Replacing the chaotic vibration of fear with confidence and love. Using brainwave entrainment to create stable, consistent vibrations.
  • Anger – Replacing the chaotic vibration of fear with confidence and love. Using brainwave entrainment to create stable, consistent vibrations. 

PTSD – Physical vibrations on the body and music for the brain to return to coherence. Special focus as necessary on depression, anxiety, grief, anger and sleep.

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this website is designed to diagnose or treat any medical issue.  It is simply a forum for discussing and creating research projects on the best ways to use sound and vibration in a medical facility.  The doctors and hospitals will have the final decision as to what is used.