Add to Your Own Practice

Science Based – The program is based on detailed research on people with all types of issues over 5 years. It can add more credibility to your practice.

Perfect add on for various practices:

  • Sound Healing Practice – Because it provides definitive information on what notes a person needs, you can then use Sound Healing instruments in that key — crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoos, etc. If you sell these items, you can use the program to help people choose the note they need.
  • Naturopathy Practice – Also a perfect add on for a Naturopathy practice as it helps to pin down exactly what is going on with the client so you can better choose specific natural remedies.
  • Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy – Especially helpful to identify and help resolve a variety of emotional issues.
  • Essential Oils or Flower Essences – Very helpful to identify which oils are helpful and detrimental for the client.

For Your Own Health

Attain Better Health and Harmony – Discover your own issues. Test yourself as often as you like. Test everything and everybody around you.

Computer Requirements

The software will work on any Windows operating system. It will also work on a Mac with a program that allows you to run Windows on the Mac — like “Parallels Desktop”.

What You Will Receive

You will received the following:

• The Software
• A 4 hour online training with the creator of the program.
• A special interface so you can plug the microphone into the computer. It’s about the size of USB thumb drive.
• A microphone
• A set of CD downloads in each key that you can hand out to clients.






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